QR Series II
video installation

Expanding from my QR Series, I created video projections specific to the locale of the galleries. Initially inspired by my Lost Language of Writing project, where I investigated the obsolescence of the written language, the QR series delves into a different way of communication - a way in which technology is necessary in order to read or de-code. For The Dissidents, The Displaced, and The Outliers (DDO) exhibition, I use the form of the QR code as both an aesthetic and functional form.

QR (Quick Response) technology has risen in popularity for both marketing and communication purposes. Initially created by the Denso Wave Corporation, a Japanese Automobile Manufacturing plant for inventory and tracking purposes, the QR code can be seen everywhere, in particular, urban and commercial areas where technology is burgeoning. QR, as a symbol, embodies what is implied when we discuss gentrification, surveillance and privilege.

For DDO exhibition, I used this symbol of growth and commerce in relation to the developing (or rather developed) areas surrounding the two venues. Through video installations, the QR Codes created will offer the viewer another layer of investigation by navigating them (via their mobile devices) to portals helping to clarify, argue and/or promote the themes related to this show.

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