Utilizing the structure of the RBI projection windows at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Barrios combines two media pieces (Threshold and Sustain) to express the fluid, contradictory and often evolving nature of identity. By splicing the two different sequences side by side and projecting them as a whole, the viewer is immersed in a visual cacophony of imagery symbolizing freedom and restraint, eventually gaining the understanding that one cannot exist without the other.

sustain is a study on breath. Following the elements of a feather and a stone, Sustain attempts to depict the equality in weight. Sustain offers a visual respite and a reminder for all of us to breathe.

threshold a visual aphorism, punctuating the interstices between freedom and the binding nature of personal identity. Each video sequence offers the observer an optical exploration of the alternative self, subtly guiding them through the perceived uniqueness of transgressive identities. *collaboration with Midori

many thanks to Alejandro D. Acosta, Midori and the ever exquisite adq

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