vertical horizon

Resembling an open picture book, vertical horizon embodies the obsolescence of mediums (the broadside, a book, television and film) while leading the viewer to their own interpretation of narrative between the living text and moving imagery. Remaining largely anonymous, Barrios and Michael volleyed creative ideas and thoughts culminating from prompts by the exhibit's organizers. Visual editing techniques were utilized which evoked the sestina, Michael's initial inspiration of form for The Changing Light in Arden (view poem here). Through content and cadence, this site-specific installation investigates the peripheries of intended gestures and the momentary grasp of their meaning, reminding us that everything that rises ultimately maintains a lateral position throughout it's existence.

Barrios wishes to thank Alejandro Acosta, Peter Haas, Rhonda Winter, and LissaIvy Tiegel.

*collaboration with Myron Michael for the Broadside Attractions

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