landing II
vinyl (175" x 250"), lightbox (38" x 54"), projection
landing II is a site specific installation created for the show Bag'o/Neo curated by Rico Reyes. Inspired by the space at Micäela Gallery and my travels to Asia, Latin Amrerica and Mexico. I orchestrated an environment meant to serve as a catalyst to question the viewer's belief of space and place - metaphorically and logistically.
By using the window of the gallery as the formal and contextual framework, viewers were forced to experience the piece from outside, creating an unexpected way of experiencing and “looking.” As one peered through the window of the gallery, landing II, inundated the viewer's periphery of the ground below, which was reflected from the ceiling above by a mirrored surface that was placed at the interior side of the window. Through this reflection, the viewer was able to decipher the words inscribed in reverse within the lightbox - "do you trust the ground you walk on?"
*many thanks to peter haas, winter photos: jeremy brooks

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